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Be The Change #7 – Read These Books

If you are angry about the results of the recent election, here’s a link to a list of books that will galvanize you to to action¬†http://lithub.com/50-necessary-books-for-your-anger-and-your-action/.

If you’re a Trump supporter who is really pumped about the election results, I still recommend this reading list, to help you understand where some of us are coming from. ¬†We’re Americans, too. ¬†We care about the direction of the country, too. ¬†And we are in the majority. ¬†You should be interested in what we’re thinking.

If you would rather have solace at this time, I promise to publish a more comforting reading list in the near future.

But by all means, read. ¬†In the current environment, where we have a president-elect who admits – ¬†with no sense of shame at all – ¬†that he doesn’t have the attention span to read, and where fake news is pervasive, reading itself is a revolutionary act.

Here are some other books that I recommend…

When She Woke¬†– a dystopian near future novel, basically a re-telling of The Scarlet Letter by way of The Handmaid’s Tale, with a little Uncle Tom’s Cabin thrown in.

Bonhoeffer Рa very well-written recent biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian pastor who resisted the Nazis

American Rust – a heart-breaking novel of white working class despair in Western Pennsylvania

1000 Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner – These novels, taking place in modern-day Afghanistan, beautifully and heart-breakingly portray the suffering of people in the war-torn Middle East, and remind us that they are like us in their feelings, longings and aspirations.

Pillars of the Earth РOne of my favorite books ever.  This initially might seem an odd choice for this topic, but there is a strong theme of resistance to corrupt power in this novel, over a very long period of time.