About Kathryn Bashaar

Kathryn Bashaar

Before she could even read, Kathryn Bashaar earned the nickname “Suitcase Simpson” for the little suitcase of books she carried everywhere she went, and her passion for literature has continued into middle age. The Saint’s Mistress is her first novel. Her essays and short stories have been published in the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, the Civil War Times, and the literary journal Metamorphosis. Kathryn lives in Pittsburgh, PA, with her husband, Al, and is thrilled that both of her adult children and her first grandchild also live in Pittsburgh.

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Praise for The Saint’s Mistress

“This triumphant personification of Leona pulls the reader in, and she becomes one of those rare characters not easily forgotten. Much more than a historical romance, The Saint’s Mistress is a work of hope, faith, and spiritual love. Historical fiction aficionados will undoubtedly enjoy this book.”
– D. B. Woodling, author of The Immortal Twin

“Superbly written. I was engrossed from the very beginning to the very end, with engaging and fully-
developed characters offering a glimpse of their lives against the fourth century North African

“The Saint’s Mistress is a beautiful, fast paced, historical romance, with a little bit of “literary epic-
ness” thrown in for good measure; in short, I would definitely recommend this book!”

“If you enjoy a well researched historical novel infused with intense depth and feeling, this book is
sure to captivate.”