Saint Augustine on prayer and work



Lately, there’s a perception on the Left that the Republicans’ offering “thoughts and prayers” to victims of shootings is hypocritical.  Thoughts and prayers are cynical, this thinking goes, when it would be more helpful would be to defy the NRA and enact reasonable gun control.  I think they have a point.  Thoughts and prayers may be sincere, but Augustine reminds us that prayer is not enough: God expects us to act on His behalf as well.  President Kennedy said it well, too:  “Here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.”

Kathryn Bashaar blog Quote of the Week: Rumi on prayer

“If you can’t pray sincerely, offer your dry, hypocritical prayer, for God in his mercy accepts bad coin… What is bounty without a beggar?   What is generosity without a guest?  Be a beggar, for beauty is seeking a mirror; water is crying for a thirsty man.”

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