Be the change #30 – Change your diet (week 2)

Week two of eating mostly vegetarian.  Still not finding it hard at all.  I don’t miss the extra meat, and Al has been fine supplementing his meals with a little more meat as he feels the need.   Note that I haven’t given up my most-beloved indulgences:  a glass of wine with dinner almost every night, and dessert after dinner.  Our desserts aren’t usually fancy:  a dish of frozen yogurt, an ice-cream sandwich, a little dark chocolate.  I like to bake, though, and I will bake us something indulgent every week or two.  Last week I made tarte tatin for bunco and there was a little left over.  The week before I made a cherry pie.  Here are the past week’s menus:  Vegetarian Experiment Week Two.  As always, I am glad to provide recipes for starred dishes.

One thought on “Be the change #30 – Change your diet (week 2)

  1. vincentojohnson


    Thanks much for sharing your past week’s menus. Actually, the daily choices look interesting! Of course, I am glad to see that you have periodic “meat nights”. 🙂 I would definitely need the “meat nights” to make it through the week.

    When you have a chance, I would love to receive your recipe for the Linguini with zucchini / lemon / feta sauce dish!! Keep on Keepin’ on, Vincent


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