Downton Abbey Ending Parody (part 2)

Part Two:  The Surprising Triumph of Molesley

Molesley fans (all 3 of them) were heartened by the surprising turns of events leading to the long-suffering Molesley at last leaving service to take up a teaching post at the local school.  But that was only the beginning of his triumphal march.

That suspicious-looking fellow at the end of Episode 7, taking notes outside Mrs. Patmore’s B&B?  A private detective, of course.  The “doctor” and his “wife” who were Mrs. Patmore’s first guests were really a Member of Parliament and his mistress.  When scandal surrounds Mrs. Patmore’s establishment, she becomes notorious and appears headed for ruin – until Molesley comes to the rescue.

Molesley recalls from his reading that Mrs. Patmore’s B&B is near the site of the seat of an ancient Viking king, from back in the days when the city of York was known as Jorvik.  Further research reveals a legend of buried Viking treasure nearby – in fact, more than nearby, as the relentless Molesley digs further into history – the treasure may be directly beneath Mrs. Patmore’s cellar.  Molesley, Mr. Mason and the doughty young Andy initiate a dig – and hit literal pay dirt when they find the largest trove of Viking treasure ever uncovered in the British Isles.  The cranky, red-faced Mrs. Patmore is now considerably wealthier even than Lord Grantham, and, in her gratitude, shares her newfound wealth with Molesley, Mason & Andy. 

Mr. Molesly uses his proceeds to purchase Haxby from Sir Richard Carlisle, and turns it into a boys’ boarding school founded on the lunatic notion that young men thrive in an atmosphere of kindness and curiosity rather than deprivation and brutality.  In the “Downton Abbey” spinoff, “Haxby”,  we follow Molesly and his young charges through the 1930s and into World War II.   We learn that Haxby produces more than its share of young war heroes, including the young men who break Germany’s Enigma code, possibly winning the war for the Allies. 

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