Be the Change #10 – Defend Minorities

If you’re concerned about minority rights, click on this link to a site that lists national Civil Rights organizations that could use your donations of time or money.

If you are located in the Pittsburgh area, this link will take you to the Just Harvest site, where they list their local Civil Rights allies.  My friend Theresa Orlando serves on the board of Just Harvest. This wonderful organization connects needy people to food resources and advocates for sound anti-hunger policies.

If you are interested in Diversity education, here is a list of resources courtesy of my friend and former manager at PNC, Vincent Johnson, who has done work in this field:

Experts & Consultants on the Topics of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Basic Diversity training and consulting firm
  • Kimberly Papillion on neuroscience and bias
  • S.L. Robins & Associates Diversity and Inclusion—Dr. Robbins does not think of himself as a diversity expert but as a student of human behavior and his years of study of human behavior have led him to the conclusion that “diversity work” is really the work of “understanding human behavior in a diversity context.”
  • Diversity Best Practices—Offers resources, news, and models, as well as consulting
  • DiversityInc‘s mission is to bring education and clarity to the business benefits of diversity
  • Diversity Central with its people-centered design and a structural overhaul, exists as a business center for diversity management, building inclusive organizational cultures, creating high-performing diverse teams, and developing individual competencies for a diverse world—we call it “cultural intelligence.” Offers various resources and consulting
  • International Multicultural Institute—Founded in 1983, one of the first organizations to have recognized the nation’s need for new services, knowledge, and skills in the growing field of multiculturalism and diversity
  • Diversity Advisory Consulting Services offers consulting, training, and diversity software
  • Workforce Diversity Network is one of the nation’s leading networks of professionals and organizations. We are dedicated to being a catalyst to enhance professional development, understanding, promotion and management of diversity and inclusion as an essential part of business success. We provide our members with easy access to solutions-based organizational development, consulting, training, and networking with other high quality organizations
  • Visions Inc.—Consulting and training in diversity and inclusion. Founded in 1984, a non-profit training and consulting organization, specializing in diversity and inclusion
  • Project Implicit is a non-profit organization and international collaborative network of researchers investigating implicit social cognition—thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness and control

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